Good Reading and Writing with Reach

I read a great article recently, really recently, yesterday I think, about how difficult it is to be a professional writer these days. Maybe you saw it.… and can tell me where it is. The New York Times?, New Yorker? Ah, the perils of vacation. I’ve been grabbing up beautifully prepared words like some ancient Roman glutton at a Las Vegas buffet, a subject the aforementioned article also discussed — how easy it is to read great writing these days, that is; it was silent on the topic of time-traveling gluttons.

Chris Querry’s Bible Babel Review at

I don’t know Chris Querry, but I’d sure like to meet him. I’m delighted to read that (despite his academic training?), he appreciated Bible Babel as a book appropriate for lay and religious audiences, teachers and students, alike. Anyway, Chris, wherever and whoever you are, thanks for the great review! For the rest of you, do check out for a fresh look at new books… or to do a bit of online gambling,… in German, if you like. Really.

Galilee, Ghosts, and Time to Read

I’m really excited about my new project, which has me thinking about all things paranormal. Turns out, they’re all around us — almost, well, normal.  The Bible is one source for images and ideas, but the appeal (some would say awareness) seems basic to our humanity. If we don’t believe, exactly, we are nevertheless captivated and strangely affected by the supernatural. There’s the vampire craze, of course; but angels and demons (thank you, Dan Brown, we cannot use that phrase in exactly the same way ever again), hybrid beings, and mysterious doings are part of the warp and woof of our lives.

Life through Literature Fest

Heading south to Petersburg (VA)’s Life through Lit Fest. It’s a book lovin’ day to spend in the park. Live music, free books, author chats, and yes funnel cakes. Come if you can (noon-7pm in Poplar Lawn Park)! It’d be fun to see you there~

For the Love of Books

Huge snow in VA, cold days clear down to FL, these are the days for books. Any form, any genre, grab a fav or something new and settle in.   Want something fun to share with family gathered over the holidays? Or maybe you need a break from the mayhem. Perhaps you’re going solo this year and feeling a little blue or happily free(!) … books. Gotta love ’em. Need some ideas? Check out this bibliophile website , culled from Don Swaim’s CBS radio show, “Book Beat,” where you can listen to great writers talk about their books, the craft, life, in brief segments. There are countless books featured in the line-up. Find one to suit your taste, hunker down, and be transported.