You’re Invited! The Misunderstood Bible Project: A Talk

Michelangelo’s Moses

The Bible. It’s weird. Let’s talk. If you happen to be in Charlottesville, VA and free for (a free) lunch and talk on September 19 (Tues), c’mon by the Virginia Foundation for the Humanities (conference room)! I look forward to discussing my work for The Misunderstood Bible (forthcoming, Oxford University Press) with those able to attend. Kristin Swenson flyer VFH talk 2017

Here’s a little more info:

The Bible is a really weird book, no matter what a person believes or doesn’t, biblical scholar Kristin Swenson observes.

Author of Bible Babel: Making Sense of the Most Talked About Book of All Time Dr. Swenson discusses the challenges, pitfalls, and promise of writing a forthcoming book (Oxford UP) that concerns what’s weird about and in the Bible.

In the process, she’ll talk about writing as an academic for a nonspecialist audience on a topic of frequently impassioned interest. And she’ll show some of the highlights of her research for this book.

Like, Moses, what’s with the horns?


  1. Moses being depicted as horned is a classic example of translation error, of course, one that should but apparently does not persuade Bible literalists to rethink or temper their literalism. I’ve never understood how some people can insist on literalism and then nod approvingly when one parable or another is interpreted. You might address this puzzle in your forthcoming book, but then again your book is not about what is weird about true believers. I hope that is the subject of your next book, and in the meantime I look forward to reading Bible Babel. Congratulations on placing this with OUP.

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